Furnace and Throat cooling systems

Basic equipment
  • Operational and standby ventilators, switch cabinets for star-delta operation of ventilator drive motor
  • Manual shutoff dampers
  • Distribution duct, branches
  • flexible ducting, shutoff dampers and cooling nozzles as well as nozzle attachments
Advanced equipment
  • Switch cabinets with inverter for appropriate airflow modulation with remote control and monitoring from the process control system
  • Automatic control of discharge side shutoff dampers during transfer to reserve ventilators with immediate messaging to the process control system
  • Bubbler and electrode cooling and cooling of the skewback cooling from the furnace cooling system, each of which can also be built as stand-alone system
  • Especially for the flat glass industry, we supply stand-alone cooling systems to cool the back and shadow walls, the overcoat blocks as well as the conditioning zone