Machine and conveyor cooling systems

Standard equipment
  • Radial ventilator, switch cabinet for star-delta operation of the ventilator drive motor
  • Manual twist throttle control to regulate quantity of cooling air
  • Discharge side ducting
  • Distributor cone with individual duct to each section of the machine
    and conveyor, which are fitted with manual throttle valve and stainless steel compensator
Advanced equipment
  • Remote operation of the twist throtte, which is fitted with an electrical drive
  • Switch cabinet with inverter for appropriate airflow modulation and remote control and monitoring from the process control system
  • Mechanical remote control of the throttle valve (Teleflex) from the machin platform
  • Use of intermittent throttle vale with pneumatic or servo drive
  • Cooling systems operating independently with separate ventilators for blank- and mould side processes
  • Mechanical measuring and remote indication of station pressure on the machine base
  • Overhead cooling systems for the mould side processes
  • Servomotor cooling systems
  • Automatic machine cooling