System components

Radial ventilators
in robust industrial design for use at low-, medium- and high-pressure levels, in single- and double-sided suction design.
  • Direct-drive motor, with flexible couplings or belt drive
  • Aimed at non-stop operation in tough service conditions
  • Designed with maximum efficiency and minimal energy use
  • Standard design in mild steel
  • Special designs in stainless steel for abrasive gases or high temperatures
  • Stainless steel compensators
  • Fabric expansion joints
Axial ventilators
in robust industrial design, as single in-line fan in single- and multi-layer design, driven directly with internal motor or with belt drive and exterior motor.
  • Standard design in mild steel
  • Special design in stainless steel for aggressive gases or high temperatures
  • Suction nozzles with protective grating
  • Stainless steel compensators
  • Fabric expansion joints
Regulating devices
  • Inlet valve controls, throttle outlets, throttle and regulation valves with manual operation, with electrical or pneumatic drives, with mechanical remote control (Teleflex)
  • Intermittent valves with electrical servo motor systems, with pneumatic drives
Volume flow measuring devices
  • Venturi pipes with measuring transducer for volume flow in ducting
  • Inflow measuring nozzles with measuring transducer for the suction side volume flow on radial or axial ventilators
Ducting and parts made from mild and stainless steel
Cooling nozzles
in all imaginable forms and measurements for all types of operation for tanks and float bath
Flexible metal ducting
Suction filter
Ducting and Sceneries silencer absorbers
Carriage and support constructions
for ventilators and ducting